5 Design Trends In 2018


03rd December 2017

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This year has had this weird simultaneous effect of zooming past but also being one of the longest years. Now there is less than one month left before the end of 2017!

Nonetheless, I have learnt a lot this year in design and I’m sure these skills will continue to grow and evolve as trends change. This is why I have come up with a five design trends I think we’ll be expecting in 2018.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Of course, this has to be on the list. This has been one of the biggest talks of the year across all industries. However in web specifically until recently, VR usually meant that you need a headset to view the content. But in 2018 there will be more support for WebVR making it possible to experience VR in your browser.

So for us designers, we need to start thinking in terms of UX/UI design and how designs can work if we need to start designing in VR mode. This type of design has already started in industries like fashion and real estate.

As for web designers, luckily there are frameworks out there now making it easier to build the content. Just make sure when designing for web, make sure the VR designs actually offer something valuable not just because it looks cool.

Simplicity & Minimalism

Next, simplicity. This is definitely something that is here to stay (for the meantime anyway). As our lives get busier and everything is about being on the run and mobile. People are now wanting to declutter in any way they can and this goes the same for design and websites. For design, it makes the artwork approachable, easier to navigate and better adaptation with new design trends. Easier to make things mobile responsive too.

Glitch Effect

For something that used to be seen as a nuisance on your TV or old school computer has now become an increasingly popular trend. This effect has managed to emerge its way out of movies and video games and now made its way into the digital design world too. I have seen these being used with typography such as this one on the right and when done well, it really is powerful.

Double Light Effect

The double light effect is similar to seeing the traditional vibrant blue and red colour you see before you put on your 3D glasses. Now this is becoming an extremely prominent style in web and print design. With the help of duotones and gradients it gives this old school style a modern approach.

Popping Colours

Lastly, colours are coming in hot for the year of 2018. Colours are such a powerful element, depending on how you use them they can convey and portray different feelings and emotion.

I am especially loving the futuristic marble paint effect like designs below by Baugasm and Magdiel Lopez below. This is mostly seen in poster designs and maybe cover pages of websites but I am keen to see where else us designers can implement this idea.

What other trends do you think will be rolling over to 2018?

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