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Amelia Lee

Graphic Designer|  Brisbane

Hi I’m Amelia but some people call me Mi. This is mostly because some of my family members struggled to pronounce my name. I am an Business Advertising graduate but ended up working in many different jobs (bartending, waitressing, did a bit of marketing, administration, office assistant and then I was a paralegal for about 2 years).

Until recently, I decided I wanted to channel back my inner creativity and found Shillington College. Now I am a Graphic Designer.

I have always loved looking all things design (interior, fashion, typography, editorials and more) which has helped me generate a mind full of ideas. I always strive to give everything my best especially when tackling a design problem. I aim to dig deep when it comes to problem solving and generating ideas. I will tackle the problems from all perspectives to make sure I get the most out of the design research for quality outcome.

If you would like to get to know me or would like a solution to your designs, hit me up and I would love to collaborate with you!



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