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Graphic Designer | Brisbane

If you insist on being formal you can call me Amelia but we’re all friends here so let’s keep it short. I was a Business Advertising graduate but ended up working in many different jobs (bartending, waitressing, did a bit of marketing, administration, office assistant and then I was a paralegal for about 2 years).

Recently I have decided to channel back my inner creativity and now during my 9-5 I am learning some web design. However, as a freelancer my heart is for print design, editorials and branding.

I believe design is something that can exhibit your thoughts, messages and personality when you don’t want to say a word. Not only do I connect with the designs I also love connecting with clients to integrate something that relates organically to them.

If you are ready share your thoughts, be sure to contact me here! (P.S. I can work remotely too so if you're not based in Brisbane that's not a problem)



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