Resources for Gaining Design Knowledge

Part of finding and having inspiration is also having exposure and gaining knowledge. The more you expose yourself to everyday life, the more you will learn. It also helps us as designers start to know what works and what doesn't.

I have put together a few places I would go to gain more knowledge about design or even how to run a business.

Good Reads:

Desket: I actually stumbled across this while browsing my phone. I aimlessly clicked on them and it was a bunch of free (I repeat FREE) ebooks about UX/UI, Web design, logo design and many more. This isn't your casual 10 pager kind of read, they're all pretty in depth and I'm glad I've stumbled across it. Now who said procrastination was a bad thing?

Millo: These guys send you good tips everyday relating to anything in the creative business industry. From how to work as a freelancer and all the nitty gritty to travelling the world while working. You do have to subscribe to get their content so if you don't mind your Inbox exploding a little, sign up and you won't regret reading their quick tips!


These are good to listen while you're commuting to work and definitely something that gives you that extra push of motivation and determination. 

How I Built This: These podcast runs for about 45 minutes so just the right amount of time before you have to get off the bus. They have curated many successful people such as the CEO of Whole Foods, Founder of Compaq, and Lonely Planet and interview them. Every single one of their stories are just so inspirational you don't want to stop listening.

The Futur: This is probably one of my favourite shows, I initially found them on Youtube run by a guy called Chris Do and his team. They all have such a big bank of knowledge have and such a positive and great approach to business and design it's truly inspirational. I definitely look up to these guys and would love to work for The Futur one day. The podcasts are a little bit longer (1-2 hours) so you may have to take time out to listen to these.


Wil Patterson: He is a hand letterer and a logo designer but he gives good freelancing and design advice. He occasionally critiques logos, does hand lettering tutorials, discusses how he puts his work to the computer. I love watching his logo critiques as it helps me see how a professional would define a good logo.

Let me know which ones you liked and if you have any suggestions for me I would love to hear from you.

Mii xx


Adding another "The First" to my list, a few days ago i attended my first TDC and it was nothing less than what I expected. The speakers were awesome and definitely walked away more knowledgeable and inspired!

3 things I learnt from this conference:

Look for Inspiration in Different Industries - Inspiration is everywhere. Allow yourself to expand your creativity and your designs. Be unique! In the end you don't want to create something that someone else has already created so why look at something that's already been done.

Start with the 'Why' - Not the how or the what. Design is to problem solve, to simplify down clients' problems. After they answered your question ask why again. This is something Chris Do touched on which is another person who is very inspirational, it would be great if one day he would attend a TDC. 

Don't Be so Serious - Sometimes you get so carried away trying to satisfy everyone, you forget about yourself. Relax and have fun!  The people who definitely knew how to do this were Camille Walala, Dean Poole, Cyrcle.

I can say for sure, I will definitely be back next year!

Mii xx

Shillumni Talk with Kevin Finn


A few nights ago, I went to listen to a talk by the man who runs the agency 'The Sum Of' and also editor and designer of 'Open Manifesto'.

I was actually close to doing a no show but I am so glad that I didn't, it was the most inspirational talks I've been to. I felt as if everything he talked about was just what I wanted to hear. The friend I went with on the night kept smiling at me because she knew I needed it too.

I think everyone can agree, starting out as a freelancer or starting your own business can be a daunting time of life.  Especially when you have no idea what you are doing. You are constantly doubting yourself, lacking self confidence and not sure if you are heading in the right direction. That night, Kevin reassured that this is okay, set yourself a time or deadline and as long as you know what you have done your best within this time frame that is all you need.

To keep things short because I tend to ramble, three things I got out of this talk:

  1. Imposter syndrome is common in this industry, everyone gets it even Stephan Meister and MIchael Bierut get it. Accept that you will feel this way but don't beat yourself up for feeling this way. Figuring out the solution is part of the creative process. Which leads to the next point
  2. Us as designers don't come with solutions, we are here to work with you and find a solution that best suits the clients and their business needs.
  3. Knowing business is a big plus in design, most of the clients that come to you speak business rather than design so being able to talk in their language and relate can help you and will give you that competitive advantage.

Hope you learnt a little something today and stay motivated!

xx Mii

Happy Easter!

The weather has just been perfect and it couldn't have more of a perfect timing for this 4 day long weekend. I know I will be running around Easter egg hunting and probably indulging on them while I continue to find the rest. Followed by a few feasts because what's better than a gathering around friends and food?

What is everyone getting up to?

Mii xx


Bullet Journaling

Recently I have noticed a huge peak in Bullet Journal trend everywhere on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest.

At first, it looks like something that is highly unnecessary for just a journal or a book with blank pages. But after i thought about it, it is actually pretty cool and for someone who is just either going to school or working a 9-5 they have definitely set the bar for creative people out there.

Most of the people tend to use muted and pastel colours which is what drew my attention in the first place as these are my favourite colours

Also I have always wanted to get better at handlettering and seeing these people decorating their pages so effortlessly with nice type it definitely has raise my interest towards bullet journals.

One of my favourite pages that I am follow on Instagram at the moment is StudyLustre, not only is the work in her journal just beautifully done but so is her Instagram layout. Should definitely check her out!

xx Mii

Learning HTML & CSS

Hey again people!

So today I wanted to talk about my new interest in learning how to code. In design, it is always about growing and learning new things (actually this can be applied to many different industries).

However, recently I have a landed in a few agencies who deal with web design and it has got me interested in HTML & CSS. Working for web means you have to understand the way coders work and also trying to keep to the design principles. (P.S. I used to study Games Design and learnt Python and that was a traumatising experience so it's kind of funny and ironic to say that I now enjoy coding).

One thing that got me interested was when I saw how much coding went behind something as simple as a title and a paragraph on a page. All that work that goes on in the background just to make the outside look pretty. I've got to say, coders and Web Devs are the real MVP!

Currently I am just learning HTML & CSS on Codeacademy which was introduced by a friend of mine and it has been a great place to learn from. Maybe one day Design by Mii will be building some cool websites too.

Mii xx