Bullet Journaling

Recently I have noticed a huge peak in Bullet Journal trend everywhere on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest.

At first, it looks like something that is highly unnecessary for just a journal or a book with blank pages. But after i thought about it, it is actually pretty cool and for someone who is just either going to school or working a 9-5 they have definitely set the bar for creative people out there.

Most of the people tend to use muted and pastel colours which is what drew my attention in the first place as these are my favourite colours

Also I have always wanted to get better at handlettering and seeing these people decorating their pages so effortlessly with nice type it definitely has raise my interest towards bullet journals.

One of my favourite pages that I am follow on Instagram at the moment is StudyLustre, not only is the work in her journal just beautifully done but so is her Instagram layout. Should definitely check her out!

xx Mii