Hello world this is Mii

Hello beautiful people,

I thought as a new designer introducing herself in a world she has never been in or worked in, I would like to say hi to you all. My name is Amelia!

This year has been a year of many first. My first design project on my own without teachers critiquing me, my first clients, my first experiences in an agency and now this is my first time writing a blog.

Writing was and still is not a strong trait of mine but I would definitely like to change that. Hopefully starting blogs would be a good practice for me and a little something for you to keep up with my daily thoughts, inspirations and just things. If you would like to get to know me or have a design you would like done, feel free to talk to me here or follow me on Instagram to see my next design adventure :)

Look forward to meeting and connecting with you all, ciao for now!

Mii xx