Learning HTML & CSS

Hey again people!

So today I wanted to talk about my new interest in learning how to code. In design, it is always about growing and learning new things (actually this can be applied to many different industries).

However, recently I have a landed in a few agencies who deal with web design and it has got me interested in HTML & CSS. Working for web means you have to understand the way coders work and also trying to keep to the design principles. (P.S. I used to study Games Design and learnt Python and that was a traumatising experience so it's kind of funny and ironic to say that I now enjoy coding).

One thing that got me interested was when I saw how much coding went behind something as simple as a title and a paragraph on a page. All that work that goes on in the background just to make the outside look pretty. I've got to say, coders and Web Devs are the real MVP!

Currently I am just learning HTML & CSS on Codeacademy which was introduced by a friend of mine and it has been a great place to learn from. Maybe one day Design by Mii will be building some cool websites too.

Mii xx