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This classic wedding invitation is designed for a traditional yet sophisticated look. It also features a hand illustrated botanical monogram with all Bride’s favourite flowers. With the increase of invitations in 2017 using the brush lettering style it was hard to not steer down that path when thinking ‘modern’.

The Challenge

The challenge with this brief was having to design something classic and classy (must be serif font) yet simple and modern.


We decided to go with a font family that is close to a Times New Roman feel which is an all time classic followed by a clean layout.

What our clients thought?

Thank you so much for taking on the challenge of designing wedding invitations for both Ethan and me. There are honestly no words to describe them! You really went above and beyond, especially with our wedding monogram. The personal touches and detailing you put into the monogram – the way you incorporated the flowers in my bouquet – yet again, left me speechless.

Thank you for doing an amazing job Amelia!! #twobecomequan.


Alexandra & Ethan Quan

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