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Elaine and Johnny was looking for a simple, traditional yet modern approach to their place cards, light box, guest notes for guest book and reception board. The colour theme of the wedding had blue and silver so we had to keep this in mind to match the theme of the wedding with the designs.

The Challenge
The challenge was finding the balance between traditional and modern as these are 2 very different feel.

Using simple colours, black and white is how we kept the designs to being tradition with conjunction of the simplistic hand drawn leaves. Black and white can also easily match the wedding theme colours.

How we also targeted the modern side is by keeping the layout very minimalistic with a lot of white space. Along with the couple shot used on the placecards, we edited it with a soft forest overlay behind the couple to give it a bit of a fantasy approach.

What our clients thought?

So What Did They think?

Thank you so much for your beautiful designs – they were exactly what I was after! I especially loved the place cards which I thought were very original. Your quick response to all my inquiries, clarification and attention to detail made this a stress free part of my wedding planning. I would highly recommend your service!


Elaine Wong

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