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Lina Chan is a piano teacher, singer songwriter, vocal coach and the found of one of the leading Melbourne based music school, Lina’s Music House. She has performed and taught music in America, China and Japan, as well as Australia with over 18 years of teaching experience.

With over 18 years of music and teaching knowledge, she wanted a brand that can represent this. In additional to this, she wanted a brand that has the potential to grow nationally and internationally.

Ideal Brand Repositioning

Lina’s Music house is an established music school with a confident and inspiring personality. The school aims to teach everyone to strive to be the best person they can be. However in this community of high achievers and rulers, they are reminded that they are to be generous with their wealth of knowledge and remain humble and courteous.


With her original branding she felt it was lacking the established and high quality feel. The original branding also doesn’t reflect what her school is known for, the high achievers. This school strives to be the best they can be and contain the rulers traits.


As this is a rebrand and the business is well known in Melbourne, we wanted to keep the bird as it has become quite iconic for Lina’s business. We have updated the bird using fine lines and to reflect a feel that is of high quality & a wealth of knowledge. Paired with a clean timeless wordmark that incorporates flow & subtle sound waves which represents the movement and sound of music.

What our clients thought?

Client Testimonial

Amelia helped rebrand our music school, Lina’s Music House. She is very patient and thorough in discussing all aspects of the design process. I have worked with Amelia for 3 years now on various projects for different businesses. Amelia is able to tailor each design to suit your brand personality.


Lina Chan

Director & Founder

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