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The Challenge

There’s no doubt this global epidemic has changed all of us one way or another. It definitely has created struggles for businesses around the world. However, it also has come as a blessing in disguise.

It has brought people closer together, it has created stronger communities and also allowed a lot of people to remember self care. One other way it has changed us is how it has reminded us all that with the presence of time and space, we can be more mindful and touch in our creativity.

The Solution

What this time and taught me is the courage to do more of the illustrations I’ve been too afraid to start.

It is true when people say, “there is never a right time. You just have to do it!” So this is what I’ve done, heads down and dived deep into my first few illustrations.

Let me know in the comments, what projects or ideas you’ve started to work on since the global epidemic? Here’s to new beginnings and new opportunities.

#globalepidemic #selfisolation #flattenthecurve

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