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05th July 2017

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Part of finding creative inspiration by having exposure to the creative world and even just the outside world. One way of exposing yourself to more knowledge is by reading articles, listening to podcasts and just watching to see what other’s have done. The more you expose yourself and incorporate design to your everyday life, the more you will learn. It also helps us as designers start to know what works and what doesn’t.

I have put together a few of my go to for design knowledge. You may even find that some of these helps you with more than just design!

Good Reads:

Desket: I actually stumbled across this while browsing my phone. I aimlessly clicked on them and it was a bunch of free (I repeat FREE) ebooks about UX/UI, Web design, logo design and many more. This isn’t your casual 10 pager kind of read, they’re all pretty in depth and I’m glad I’ve stumbled across it. Now who said procrastination was a bad thing?

Millo: These guys send you good tips everyday relating to anything in the creative business industry. From how to work as a freelancer and all the nitty gritty to travelling the world while working. You do have to subscribe to get their content so if you don’t mind your Inbox exploding a little, sign up and you won’t regret reading their quick tips!


These are good to listen while you’re commuting to work and definitely something that gives you that extra push of motivation and determination.

How I Built This: These podcast runs for about 45 minutes so just the right amount of time before you have to get off the bus. They have curated many successful people such as the CEO of Whole Foods, Founder of Compaq, and Lonely Planet and interview them. Every single one of their stories are just so inspirational you don’t want to stop listening.

The Futur: This is probably one of my favourite shows, I initially found them on Youtube run by a guy called Chris Do and his team. They all have such a big bank of knowledge have and such a positive and great approach to business and design it’s truly inspirational. I definitely look up to these guys and would love to work for The Futur one day. The podcasts are a little bit longer (1-2 hours) so you may have to take time out to listen to these.


Wil Patterson: He is a hand letterer and a logo designer but he gives good freelancing and design advice. He occasionally critiques logos, does hand lettering tutorials, discusses how he puts his work to the computer. I love watching his logo critiques as it helps me see how a professional would define a good logo.

Let me know which ones you liked and if you have any suggestions for me I would love to hear from you.

Mii xx

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