29th May 2017

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Adding another “The First” to my list, a few days ago i attended my first TDC and it was nothing less than what I expected. The speakers were awesome and definitely walked away more knowledgeable and inspired!

3 things I learnt from this conference:
Look for Inspiration in Different Industries

Inspiration is everywhere. Allow yourself to expand your creativity and your designs. Be unique! In the end you don’t want to create something that someone else has already created so why look at something that’s already been done.

Start with the ‘Why’

Not the how or the what. Design is to problem solve, to simplify down clients’ problems. After they answered your question ask why again. This is something Chris Do touched on which is another person who is very inspirational, it would be great if one day he would attend a TDC.

Don’t Be so Serious

Sometimes you get so carried away trying to satisfy everyone, you forget about yourself. Relax and have fun! The people who definitely knew how to do this were Camille Walala, Dean Poole, Cyrcle.

I can say for sure, I will definitely be back next year!

Mii xx

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